I develop environments that advocate relationships. I’m a relationship builder. When you think of a relationship builder, don’t you automatically think “interior designer?” Probably not. That’s because most people think designers creates buildings and cities, but what we really design are relationships, because buildings are about people. They’re places where people come together for all kinds of exchanges.
My goal is to always get a clear understanding of the essential desires of the client and the business brand in order to create an environment based on that vision. For me a good design is a space with a clear and powerful story. An environment that stimulates functional processes such as communication, concentration, relaxation and rehabilitation, but also commercial purposes.


I was always interested in socially responsible design, and how it can really make an impact.
My motivation is based on the wish; ’give people more quality in life’ and my belief that design can make a difference.
To my mind, the field of ecology has provided important insight, considering ecologists don’t just look at individual species on their own – they look at the relationships between living things and their environment. They look at how all the diverse parts of the ecosystem are interconnected, and it’s actually this balance, this web of life, that sustains life.
Design is all about people and processes; how people experience their environment and how they react to it.
I believe that when people enhance the power of design, we can play with the relationship between people and their environment. Desirable behavior can be stimulated and daily live processes can become much more fun and bring more happiness.


After finishing university as a designer I gained knowledge and skills by work experience. For several years I worked at D/DOCK, following which I was employed to re-design the work environment at Better.be B.V. Instead of going straight back to a firm or studio I decided to take a 8 month break from work and go to see the world, get inspired by different cultures, reflect on my work and make up my mind about the next step. By exploring environments like Nepal, Indonesia, Malaysia, India, Spain, Austria and the UK I was inspired by the different ways in which they organize their environments. I have seen with my own eyes that there are many ways to create interesting places.Through traveling I now feel more connected with planet earth and its people, which encourages me to learn more about how to develop environments with a positive environmental footprint. It is also important to me that my designs leave a positive human handprint from those who made it. And I’m keen to learn more about this on the job.

Available for a new job from 1 May.

Babs Hofland