Modern upgrade

Theodoor Gilissen is a private bank that offers services in the fields of finance, investing and financial planning, located in a monumental building at the Keizersgracht in Amsterdam.

Following the success of the design of the office landscape and reception in 2006, D/DOCK was asked to develop and realize a modern upgrade. The aim was to develop an office landscape that communicates the values central to the DNA of Theodoor Gilissen; meaningful, carefree and personal.

In order to do so, D/DOCK created an entrance, silence workplaces, meeting rooms and a restaurant that radiates a sense of cheerfulness, trust and elegance.

The entrance is a place to gather, read and share, and truly eye-catching through the blend of colors, art, light, design and flowers.  For the meeting rooms we set out to look at natural forms and colors which people naturally relate to.

The history of the building combined with the interior advocate a natural and beautiful environment to work in and invite clients to in a prime Amsterdam location.

Project details

  • Client | Theodoor Gilissen
  • Contractor | D/DOCK
  • Function | Private bank
  • Location | Keizersgracht 617
  • Surface | 600 m2
  • Design | 2015
  • Completion | 2015
  • Photography | Anne Noor ©
  • My role | Concept development & interior design