Boost the working environment is an IT company that develops the next generation leasing services. Their LeaseServices API is currently used in more than 10 European countries and they have a strong ambition to grow. From the desire to lift their services and products to an even higher level, they wanted to know how the work environment can contribute to this.

Additionally, they asked for a work environment that could break down traditional barriers between different departments in order to encourage knowledge exchange. By doing so, they could create possibilities for meaningful conversations and interactions. The’ers also wanted a place for concentration, communication and collaboration. They thought that a central square  surrounded by different work typologies would connect people and help start conversations. A place for preparing food together and playing darts could also have the same effect.

Now the square and lunch room works for social gatherings and a place to meet one-on-one. Employees can always pass the kitchen and see if something is going on. They can sit together and share stories. Because the architecture sets up these opportunities.

Project details

  • Client | B.V.
  • Contractor | Babs Hofland
  • Function | IT office
  • Location | Enschede
  • Surface | 900 m2
  • Design| 2016
  • My role | Concept development & Interior design